I was doodling myself
And I just look annoyed I didn’t even mean to give myself bitch face
It just naturally happened

dear, i think the sky is falling. by aishia☯ on Flickr.
with great book shopping
brings important questions


You’ll never be able to tug on my shirt as I tell you about my love for stripes.

When I empty my pockets out on my bed:

  • change ($2.85)
  • lipstick (dark plum)
  • two keys (one to the mailbox, one to the front door.)

I’ll notice how there are no notes, no reminders of you.

I meant to write this about the sky:

  • the rain
  • the chill
  • the gust of pale gray clouds racing one another.
  • the slight breeze that made me feel like living.

but here I am, with a perfect pen

to write these words out… a miserable inadequacy.

I seem to think you’d get a kick out of this. Someone writing about you.

But you are my inspiration to never love again.